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“In a sense, business development is like the fusion of the suits and the ponytails.”

In the first edition of the business development handbook, we defined business development as “the organisational process that ensures an ongoing and persistent improvement of the existing business and contributes to identify and develop new business opportunities.”



“A business is like a car – it will not run itself, except downhill”

While still touching virgin ground, a recurrent problem for many business developers is to define and delimitate their roles and responsibilities. We have heard many business developers complain about the fact that they are drowning in non-strategic fire fighting or have become problem solvers for the CEO – in effect operating as an advanced corporate secretariat.



“As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it”

We have argued that business development must be “managed” and “integrated” to have a chance at being successful. In the previous section, we discussed and provided advice on how to become a “managed” business development unit – in this section, we will discuss and give advice on how to become an “integrated” unit.

Hire the Right Person

A person with deep industry knowledge and network ready to “do deals” can turn into a disaster if it is too early in a company’s lifecycle.

Qualitative Versus Quantitative

Companies sometimes try to build a business purely around a qualitative proposition, which is difficult and  higher likelihood of failure.

Make Deals Carefully

A good deal maker can help identify a false signal –- when there is just enough market momentum and revenue to mask the greater opportunity.

Business Development

Business development will identify and create partnerships that enable leverage for driving revenue, distribution or that enhance the product.

Support for Business

A good business developer will internal resources along the way to ensure the company can meet the goals and expectations of a partnership.

There Are No Legal Issues

A legal agreement codifies a business arrangement and includes commercial terms as well as what happens if things do not work out.

Post-Deal Management

All successful deals are a result of accountability and proactive management — by both biz dev and account management.

Establish a Framework

In order to gain support from your team, everyone needs to understand why the deal makes sense for your company.

Building a Company

Building a company is hard and requires a lot of things to go well including having a great product and team.


We know that opportunity never comes back so we create our team.

We have our own placement cell where we give the opportunity to people to fulfill their dreams of life. We have open channels for both employers and job seekers and we are being the bridge between them. As we believe “people make’s company.. Companies don’t So pick the right one” we will support.

Brand Development

Jets Branding is an one stop shop for Advertising, Branding

Business Management

Access to local knowledge, resources, and expertise enables jet flutter

Printing Services

Printing plays a significant role in the world of Graphics Designing.

Placement Consultancy

Life is not only for an entertainment. Planning for carrier

Event Management is the world’s largest service provider for business

Social Activities & Responsibility

Leading humanitarian institution fighting for global children welfare

We achieve results through our strength

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Levels of Success

Our customers are central to reach new levels of success, so we achieve our own.

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Creating New Ideas

Our Customers are inspired to make the world a better place for creating new ideas.

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Our customers are eligible for creating livable environments, communications to provide protection and safety

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